Benger Trails
To Chissell Brook and Sutton Lane Meadows

This is a fairly easy cross-country walk with hardly any climbs or descents; it is not suitable for bicycles, pushchairs or wheelchairs as it involves clambering over several stiles.

Unfortunately, it can be quite wet and muddy after recent rain. Waterproof footwear is advisable at all times. Also, there are some parts where there are often brambles, so long trousers would be better than shorts.

Note also that the initial part of the route involves crossing the High Street / main road from near the Wellesley Arms to Gate Cottage.

You can extend the walk by about a quarter of a mile, by adding a complete circuit of the meadows. Alternatively, you can reduce the length by about a mile, by missing out the loop around Chissell Brook.

Trail Length 3.2 miles
Duration 60-90 minutes